Change is one of the few constants everyone can expect in their lives. And today, the largest change everyone has experienced or is possibly about to experience is “career transition.” It’s important to get prepared by knowing who you are, what you most/least enjoy doing, where you see yourself doing it, what financial considerations are ideal, and the true value you will bring to your next employer or your own business before you begin to “hit the ground running” toward your next opportunity. Although the market is tight, there are opportunities to be had. It’s time to devise your game plan and put your best foot forward!


You’ve spent lots of time creating a good, solid career. You have made the right decisions and built a long list of accomplishments and personal successes. Now more than ever, you have to showcase your abilities in a unique way to stand out in a very large crowd. Working with a coach is a sure way to achieving your goal – whether it’s obtaining a new job or making a successful career change. Consider speaking to LEEDS Coaching – one of today’s most successful leadership, career development and coaching practices. LEEDS will help you create your unique personal statement by allowing you to:

Effectively communicate your brand to prospective employers

Develop successful networking techniques

Get the job you want or pursue your dream of starting a business

Develop a cover letter & resume to showcase your skills and abilities

Claudia Sampson, founder of LEEDS Coaching, has helped over 500 clients transition into more rewarding careers in business, medicine, law, education, and entrepreneurship since 2002. She has worked with many top firms from an executive coaching standpoint and has prepared many professionals for entrée into professional life and into graduate-level programs at some of the country’s top educational institutions. Read more...


The number of people who have lost their jobs due to the recession continues to rise unabated. The reality for recent college graduates is not much better. So what’s the solution? Speak with an expert career coach who’s been in your shoes? Seize the chance to find the silver lining despite the daunting economic clouds overhead. There ARE jobs out there, you just need to bring you’re A-game to the field! Why not go back to school? There ARE graduate programs that you can attend to help you make the career change you’ve been putting off for far too long. Given the number of people flooding job boards & company sites with resumes and cover letters, the evidence of competencies and added value you can offer an organization is critical to getting hired. By the same token, the number of applications is soaring through the roofs of professional degree programs. Why not consider LEEDS Coaching to help you not only build a resume and craft a cover letter but also rise above the competition applying to professional degree program?

LEEDS Coaching now offers a 30 minute complimentary consulting and 15% off additional coaching and resume/biography development and personal statement services.

“I wanted to attend a top business school; but, I was nervous. The competition is so tough that there is very little room for error. LEEDS Coaching showed me where I was getting my point across and where I was not. They coached me through the process of writing essays. As a result, I got admitted to one of the top business schools with a scholarship.”

Ross School of Business MBA, 2006

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Claudia Sampson, Senior Managing Partner of LEEDS Coaching, as an MBA consultant. Ms. Sampson has a proven track record and will serve as a rich resource to MANY prospective MBA candidates. The use of the word many is intentional because if you are looking for someone to write your essays and complete your applications for you then Ms. Sampson is not the right MBA consultant for you. Conversely, if you are willing to work hard, take the process seriously, and own your MBA application process then Claudia Sampson is the ideal consultant to help you achieve your business school admissions goal.

Cornell Johnson School of Business, 2011

"Just want to inform you that I was ACCEPTED to Wharton. I'm so glad that I used your services. Your essay review helped me think through the structure, clarity, and focus of my story. Once again, thank you so much."

Wharton, MBA 2008

"My applications were a disaster. I had no idea what I wanted to study in college or what I wanted to do when I graduated. My coach spent time talking with me to help me figure out what I subjects I really enjoyed and how to use this information to select the best colleges for me. My coach then helped me outline and focus my essays, so that my essays reflected who I am."

Bethune-Cookman College, 2010

"LEEDS Coaching was a big part of my admissions process. The coaches combined to help me sharpen my essays and better prepare for the application process. I would highly recommend LEEDS Coaching to all who are applying to business school."

Columbia Business School, MBA 2008

"I highly recommend Claudia to any prospective student who is looking for an experienced coach to help them successfully navigate the MBA application process. Claudia is unmatched in coaching, she provides her clients with recommendations and thoughtful feedback which ultimately results in compelling essays and application packages. Additionally, Claudia has an extensive track record of successfully coaching prospective students through the application process to matriculation at some of the top business schools in the world.”

Tuck, MBA 2009

“Before working with a coach, I truly had a difficult time effectively communicating my goals and aspirations in my business applications. Not only did her coaching help me create strong essays and get accepted to several top tier schools, but it also dramatically improved my overall writing skills and confidence."

Columbia Business School, MBA 2009

“My coach was instrumental in my MBA application process. Her candid comments regarding how I could improve my essays and GMAT score gave me the insight I needed to present my applications in the best possible way. Ultimately, I received two full-tuition fellowships from two Top 10 MBA programs, and this success is directly attributed to her counsel and care for each of her client's endeavors."

Wharton, MBA 2009

“I got ACCEPTED! Thanks for all of your help.”

Kellogg, MBA 2008

“I have great news! I've just received word that I have been accepted into the Kellogg program. As you might imagine. I am extremely, extremely excited. The Kellogg culture and reputation are exactly what I was looking for in an MBA program and my visits there have confirmed my decision."

Kellogg, MBA 2009

"I want to send a sincere hearty thanks to you for all of your consistent support, guidance and feedback. Your words of encouragement and efforts to go the extra mile in counseling me proved invaluable. The challenging process of securing a position in a top MBA program is sometimes daunting to navigate. Your conscientious coaching and professional, genial availability, allowed me to move forward confident that I was making the right decisions. Clearly our teamwork paid off!”

Harvard Business School, MBA 2009

“Claudia is a bright, energetic person who brings out the best in people. She is a pleasure to be around and is strongly committed to -- and experienced in -- coaching and developing people to their full potential."

Columbia Business School, MBA 2008